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5th September Teachers day 2017 celebration tips for students

5th September Teachers day 2017 celebration tips for students: Firstly say to all readers and your friend’s happy teachers day 2017. We all know the meaning of a teacher. A teacher is a guide who does lots of work to make a student’s life easy. Tutors are not only a tutor but a true friend who tell the reality. They help us to make our future bright. So respect them. How must teacher are important to us can only understand a person who intelligent?

Teachers day 2017 celebration tips

Teachers day 2016 celebration tips for students Teachers day 2016 celebration tips for students Teachers day 2016 celebration tips for students

When is celebrated teachers day?

As teachers day is, the celebration that took place on 5th September every year. Every student with their tutors celebrates it. It is a special day for children and teachers too. In school students participate in the school program. The students do lots of activities for their tutor to make them happy. They do dance, singing and cuts the cake. Some children also do acting of their teacher to bring smiles on their teacher’s face. Students also gift their teacher. They use to give them handmade cards, pens, chocolates, etcetera.

Teachers day 2016 celebration tips for students

Role of teachers in student’s life

A tutor is a god who plays a very important role in everybody’s life. Who only thinks about our career and guide us the way we want. But I don’t know what to write about the teacher because it’s only a feeling that cannot easily express. Whenever where ever we see our professor we automatically say good morning professor or good evening teacher. This piece of greeting can easily tell about the attachment of student with their guide.

Teachers day 2016 celebration tips for students
Nowadays, many teachers are available everywhere. That is why we find lots of coaching class anywhere. But there was a time when there was scarce of teachers and that time students use to go 5-7km for coaching. But now many technologies had been developed. Therefore, students also got some benefit. Earlier coaches use to give free coaching but after that, they had been given some money that was not enough for them to live comfortably. But now nothing is like before, coachings became a trend of earning money. Sometimes some students destroy their life in some wrong activities. It’s a coaching duty to look after a student. But now become they are busy in earning money.

Teachers day 2016 celebration tips for students
Although still there are some teachers and coaching that believe in giving good results, by making their student strong. A good student needs a good teacher, and a good student gets a good teacher. But a trend of celebrating teacher day is same a small change only took place now. Students wish their teachers by texting messages. But earlier students use to give greeting card or when they were too far then use to send greeting cards and letter. Now students are connected with their teacher on Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, etcetera. It’s not only useful for communicating but also useful in many ways like questions, reasoning, and analysis.

Teachers day 2016 celebration tips for students

Role of Student for their teacher

Teacher’s day 2017  is a time of great honour and joy we should celebrate it as our best teachers day ever. Students do their studies at some time of their age only after that they are into jobs, other work-related issues, etc. My point to explain here all this is that whatever time we get with our teachers, we should enjoy it well and love and respect our teachers for whatever knowledge they deliver to us. A good student always respects a teacher whether he know his teacher well or not. All teachers are teachers as they used to teach us that thing that we have to use and compile whole life. Teachers day 2016 can be your best teachers day experience as it depends on you how you want to celebrate, show respect and love to your respected teachers. A very warm thanks and welcome to students who want to greet their teacher and enjoy the celebration with their teacher.

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